Book Blogger Outreach

In addition to our own bank of reviewers, City Book Review has a list of more than 400 book bloggers and reviewers that we use and stay in contact with regularly. They’re a mix of websites, personal blogs, GoodReads, Amazon, or LibraryThing bloggers and other public outlets of readers who love books and what to share what they’re reading, interested in reading, or find helpful to other readers.

We can promote your book or article to this network of book bloggers and help you get more exposure. We’ve organized each blogger by demographic and genre preferences, so we can focus promoting your book to the group most likely to be interested in it and most likely to mention, review, or link to your book and help with your promotion. These blogs all have their own readers, and many are on social platforms that encourage sharing and reblogging of each other’s posts.

You can also use these packages for launch day promotions for a new book. We’ll need at least 2 weeks to get it set up, but with this, you can have up to 100 book bloggers all talking about your new book on its most important day – the first day.

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