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We have been offering Sponsored Reviews since 2008 and have hundreds of happy authors and publicists. Sponsored Reviews offer an author or publicist more control over the review, such as turnaround time and approval/disapproval of the review. We receive around 4,600 books every year and review about 40% of them. We put in place our Sponsored Review program for those who want to make sure that they get a review from us. It’s also used when a book is more than 90 days since its publish date.

We offer various turnaround times, add-ons (such as two types of interviews), and bundling discounts.

All of our book services are ordered from our parent site, CITY BOOK REVIEW. Clicking the options button will take you to that website. Don’t worry…it’s still us!

What Authors Are Saying

I thought I knew my own book, but the review by the City Book Review team made me see something more in it that wasn’t obvious to me while I was writing it. When that happens—which is fairly unusual—you realize how precious a review is from a discerning reader. It tells you that you have succeeded because that’s what you want to happen—for readers to make the story you wrote their own.”

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Evy Journey, Author

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