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How do you get your book reviewed?

You’ve finally finished the book you may have worked for years writing. It’s been edited and published (or close to it), and now you’re trying to figure out how to get it to readers.  You may even be wondering what others, who aren’t your friends or family, think about it.

Your challenge is getting your book to stand out among millions of books. To make things even more challenging, many stores won’t carry a small press or self-published book that doesn’t have reviews from recognizable publications. Lucky for you, Manhattan Book Review is a well-respected publication that’s been doing this for nearly 9 years.

City Book Review, publishers of the San Francisco Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, Seattle Book Review, and Kids’ BookBuzz all have programs to help you. Kids’ BookBuzz is primarily for kids, tweens, and young adult books, but the other two will take almost any book you have (including children’s books).


Here’s the gist on our submission guidelines:

If your book is not beyond 90 days of its release (on-sale) date, you can submit it to us for general review (no cost).  We get more than 1,000 books a month, and only about 40%, so your chances of getting your book reviewed in this way is slim, but you can give the general submission a try if you have time to wait or don’t have a marketing budget.

John Darryl Winston

My product page on online retailers like Amazon is the first and last place I get a chance to make a sale. Manhattan Book Review is my one-stop solution to making my product page pristine and that first experience by my readers a memorable one. I was able to pull quotes from the body of the review to use in my full marketing campaign, and their staff was always there with answers and new cutting-edge services/products.”

– John Darryl Winston, author of IA: Initiate and IA: Boss

If your book is more than 90 days past its publication date, don’t want to wait months to see if it will be selected by us for review, you can go through our Sponsored Review program. While there is some controversy about paying for a review, Manhattan Book Review is a respected book review service, just like Kirkus or Foreword Reviews, and doesn’t provide vanity reviews for payment. And we don’t identify sponsored reviews any differently than the other reviews.

Overview of Your Sponsored Review Options

There are a lot of different options for your book review, mostly around how long it takes to get your review back and if you want more than one or an interview as well. We have tools on City Book Review that will help you decide which package is right for you.

Standard Reviews – Take 8-10 weeks for turnaround from the time we receive your book – Start at $199

Expedited Reviews – Take 3-5 weeks for turnaround from the time we receive your book – Start at $349

Get more than one review for the same book – you’ll get a discount on the normal cost of two or three reviews. Starting at $325

Add an interview – Podcast interviews for Audible Authors are $300 by themselves and adding them to an interview as a package drops the price of both. A Standard sponsored review and interview together cost $450, saving $50 from the cost separately. An Expedited sponsored review and interview costs $599, also saving $50.

And if you really like your review, you can have it posted on one of our other brand’s (San Francisco or Seattle) website for $99.

Manhattan Book review and its sister publications offer the absolute best promotional opportunities for both traditionally and independently published authors. They’ve built a stable of seasoned professional reviewers whose shrews and sensitive coverage across a myriad of genres is second to none, rivaling the best Sunday book pages and other major web-based book sites. As authors, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find outlets that cover books in such an insightful and credible fashion that’s certain to serve our cause, no matter the career stage we’re at. I’ve come back to them again and again and have every intention of continuing to do so with future titles.”

—Jon Land, author


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