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It’s good marketing to have your book reviewed by Manhattan Book Review (or any of our other brands). Reasons authors choose to go the Sponsored route is if their book is past 90 days of being released or if they don’t want to wait and see if we’ll select it for review.

While there is some controversy about paying for a review, Manhattan Book Review is a respected publication, just like Kirkus or Foreword Reviews (who also offer paid reviews), and do not provide vanity reviews for payment. You’ll receive an honest professional assessment of your book – from the cover to the writing to editing and formatting. Sponsored Reviews are not identified any differently than other reviews we’ve done.

Below is some general information on the various Sponsored Reviews we offer:

Standard Reviews – Take 8-10 weeks for turnaround from the time we receive your book – Start at $199

Expedited Reviews – Take 3-5 weeks for turnaround from the time we receive your book – Start at $349

Get more than one review for the same book – You’ll get a discount on the normal cost of two, three, or four reviews.

Add an interview – Podcast interviews for are $300 by themselves and adding them to an interview as a package drops the price of both. A Standard Sponsored Review and interview together cost $450, saving $50 from the cost separately.

And if you really like your review, you can have it posted on one of our other brand’s (Manhattan or Seattle) website for $99.

What impressed me the most about Manhattan Book Review and all its review services, when I first ventured into their area of the book world, was that they cared. I’m now on my fourth book, and I intend to keep sending my books for review. I also have used their ad design department, and couldn’t be happier. Manhattan Book Review didn’t just read my books, they offered tremendous insight and critical analysis. They cared about the work. I see this in all the books they review; they fight hard to tell authors, in a professional manner, what’s good and what may need improvement. I remain a grateful author who supports their impeccable voice.”

— Justin Bog, author of the Somerset Book Award-winning novel,
Wake Me Up

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