Maileen Hamto

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  • Decolonization: Unsung Heroes of the Resistance

  • Planting Our World

  • My Story, His Glory: A Lens on Racism and Religion In America, and God’s Final Judgement

  • Monologues for Young Adults: 60 Original Monologues to Stand Out, Inspire, and Shine

  • Wa – The Art of Balance: Live Healthier, Happier and Longer the Japanese Way

  • The Coach’s Way: The Art and Practice of Powerful Coaching in Any Field

  • Optimizing Strategy For Results: A Structured Approach to Make Your Business Come Alive

  • Healing Justice Lineages: Dreaming at the Crossroads of Liberation, Collective Care, and Safety

  • No Country for Eight-Spot Butterflies

  • Color-Courageous Discipleship: Follow Jesus, Dismantle Racism, and Build Beloved Community

  • Teaching White Supremacy: America’s Democratic Ordeal and the Forging of Our National Identity

  • You Are Ketchup

  • On Critical Race Theory: Why It Matters & Why You Should Care

  • The Cantigee Oracle: An Ecological Spiritual Guide and Creative Prompt Deck

  • Tarot by Numbers: Learn the Codes that Unlock the Meaning of the Cards

  • The Mythology Class: Where Philippine Legends Become Reality (A Graphic Novel)

  • A Brown Girl’s Epiphany: Reclaim Your Intuition and Step into Your Power

  • The Stories Behind the Poses: The Indian Mythology That Inspired 50 Yoga Poses