A Hero Comes Home: A Bell Sound Novel

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After three years of being a widow, Sally Dawson might finally be ready to move on. Losing her husband was hard, but both of them knew the risks when he went out for another tour of duty in the Middle East. (And the fact that they both knew is part of the reason why she was so angry with him the last time they saw each other.) Still, things are going all right for her. She’s got her own bakery, she’s able to look after her three sons on her own, and she might just have a new boyfriend in a treasure-hunting former SEAL. There’s just one snag: her husband is still alive.

Even after three months in a hospital in Germany, no one is entirely certain Jake Dawson is ready to come home, not even Jake himself. Still, home, he comes, where he finds a wife who’s moved on with her life and sons who have been growing up without him. Sally finds her husband has changed as well, and not just because he was badly injured. He’s been suffering from PTSD, which is only made worse by the fact that he isn’t allowed to tell anyone that he wasn’t really MIA for three years but was held prisoner and tortured. He wants nothing more than to leave and let his family carry on without him, as he’s sure they can.

The people of Bell Cove, however, have other ideas, and they aren’t letting either of the two escape without a chance to fall in love all over again.

Sandra Hill has a tricky line to tread in A Hero Comes Home due to placing a wounded veteran in a small town wacky enough to set up a pirate-themed Labor Day celebration. There’s always the danger the book will grow too serious or won’t take the issues it presents seriously enough. For the most part, she does wonderfully, balancing sensitive topics with light-hearted antics in a way that feels real and doesn’t clash. My one complaint wasn’t with the few times the tone didn’t work but with how heavy-handed the exposition could be at times. Aside from that, I was won over completely by the quirky personalities in town.

Even though this is the first novel I’ve read in the Bell Sound series, I found myself feeling right at home. I’ll definitely have to pick up the other two this summer to see just what else the people find themselves getting up to.

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Author Sandra Hill
Star Count 4/5
Format Mass
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Avon
Publish Date 2020-01-28
ISBN 9780062854193
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Issue April 2020
Category Romance


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