A Lie Too Big to Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

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June 5, 1968–Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is celebrating a narrow victory in the California primary. The joy of the victory is cut short when Kennedy is felled by a fusillade of bullets. A young man, Sirhan Sirhan, is gradually subdued by Kennedy’s security and others. Sirhan is summarily arrested by the LAPD. His docile demeanor and seeming aloofness are alarming. Kennedy succumbs to his wounds on June 6, 1968. The case against Sirhan appears airtight. However, one eyewitness views a young woman in a polka dot dress exclaiming, “We shot him, we shot him!” This becomes just one anomaly among many when the case is re-examined. However, Sirhan’s lawyers opt for an insanity defense to mitigate punishment, quashing any conspiracy queries. Sirhan is soon convicted. As time has passed, the number of shots have been challenged, the killshot debated, and the suspect behavior of others in the kitchen pantry seen in a new light. A case once deemed open-and-shut now seems more cold than ever.

A Lie Too Big to Fail is history re-examined. Lisa Pease has offered up not just your garden-variety conspiracy theory but a well researched and annotated historical mystery. Pease outlines the facts as offered and puts forth the challenges to the documented case. Pease believes in the alternative narrative, but her journey there is thorough and makes a compelling argument. Grade A journalism!

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Author LIsa Pease and James DiEugenio, Introduction
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 512 pages
Publisher Feral House
Publish Date 2018-12-18
ISBN 9781627310703
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Issue Mar-19
Category History


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