A Mage’s Power

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Casey Wolfe’s A Mage’s Power is an LGBTQ-friendly urban supernatural high fantasy novel. If you think that sounds like a lot of genres to pack into one book, it’s because it is. Modern-day fantasy is tough to write under the best circumstances, and A Mage’s Power unfortunately misses the mark.

Good modern-day fantasy thrusts its readers into a world that’s just a little different and leaves readers to parse what’s going on through context clues. A Mage’s Power is good at establishing the world of Everstrand, the rules governing magic, mythical creatures, and how everything works. Where the book falls short is its character development.

Rowan, Shaw, and Caleb, the main trio, seem interesting at first glance. Rowan is a gifted mage, looking to master all five aspects of magic. Shaw is an undercover operative in the Inquisition, a movement originally meant to regulate magic users and protect humans but that has since been corrupted. Caleb is a promiscuous werewolf.

More than halfway in, the characters seem a little thin, their development overshadowed by everything else going on. A dark mage is on the loose, and Rowan has been tasked with tracking him down. Shaw is hoping to figure out where the Inquisition hid his friend. Fantasy novels can be particularly lengthy for a reason. I would have liked to see this author develop their characters more.

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Author Casey Wolfe
Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count 270 pages
Publisher NineStar Press
Publish Date 2018-Jul-16
ISBN 9781949340181
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Issue October 2018
Category Romance


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