A Slow Fire Burning: A Novel

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Laura is a troubled young woman with a fragile grip on life. Her peace of mind is capable of being ripped apart by the cacophony of voices in her head. Life is about to get more complicated, as the man she was involved with has been found dead. The young man, Daniel Sutherland, was found by a local woman. The woman, Miriam, has also found a key piece of evidence implicating Laura, but she decides to keep it to herself. Miriam knows Daniel and his extended family, and she has a few secrets of her own. Daniel’s Aunt Carla and Uncle Theo are notified. They are surprised and saddened, as Daniel’s mother had recently passed due to unforeseen circumstances. However, normalcy is just for appearances with Carla and Theo, as they harbor their own secrets. Soon, the police focus on Laura; she claims she didn’t kill Daniel, but the police aren’t convinced. There is a lot the police don’t yet know.

A Slow Fire Burning is the latest provocative mystery from Paula Hawkins. The thriller hits from all sides, revelations popping up to lure the reader further into a growing web of speculation until a truly satisfying climax is reached. It is an excellent read that will cause many sleepless nights.

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Author Paula Hawkins
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Penguin Random House
Publish Date 31-Aug-2021
ISBN 9780735211230
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Issue August 2021
Category Popular Fiction