All Is Fair

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Jan Orlinski’s turbulent contact with the Germans began when the German blitz attacked his native nation of Poland, which was followed by his voyage to Britain, where he joined the battle against the Germans in the Battle of Britain and rose to prominence as a military aviator. Despite the German danger, he was lucky to be distracted from the war by his blossoming romance with a girl he met in a dance hall and his passion for playing the piano. Michael Kenneth Smith’s All Is Fair tells the spine-chilling and action-packed narrative of a renowned young military aviator from Poland during the Battle of Britain, as well as the dreadful consequences of captivity and treachery during wartime.

One part of this story that stands out is the detailed backstories that are subtly woven throughout the narrative and reveal the events that influenced the protagonist’s bravery, creativity, and other distinguishing traits. And finding out that he was the youngest of five brothers and usually sat at the end of the dinner table, that his mother pushed him to take piano lessons when he was younger, and other intriguing facts about Jan felt like unearthing tiny jewels as I went through the book. Additionally, I felt an absolutely irresistible draw toward the highly likable protagonist and a profound worry for his well-being as he deals with several risks and near misses in combat.

All Is Fair is far from a shoddy piece of work. The novel effectively brings together individuals from several nations, including France, Britain, Germany, Poland, Spain, and others, and illustrates their interactions in a genuine, plausible manner. In a Spanish jail, for example, Jan is questioned about why many Polish names finish in -ski.

The novel captivates readers from beginning to end with suspenseful, tension-packed passages featuring brilliantly depicted aircraft fights, frightening encounters with the enemy, efforts to escape jail, exhilarating non-erotic romance sequences, and a well-planned climax. Historical fiction readers and those who enjoy war stories will definitely enjoy this book.

All Is Fair offers a deep dive into the grim reality of war as well as the uplifting ideals of love, music and art, optimism, resilience, and forgiveness, which shine through despite the perils that surround the protagonists. This fictional voyage through a genuine conflict in the past will encourage readers to appreciate the small things they take for granted in times of peace and motivate them to cherish the lovely things in life, even in the darkest of times. Without a doubt, reading All Is Fair would be a superb addition to any leisure time. I strongly endorse it!

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Author Michael Kenneth Smith
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 290 pages
Publisher Self-published
Publish Date 01-Nov-2022
ISBN 979835365645 Buy this Book
Issue November 2022
Category Historical Fiction