American Water Tears: A Grandmaster’s Story

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We all have loathed our siblings at some point in childhood for the seemingly extra love our parents showered on them. The Lee brothers are no different. Steve heads out with a promise to hunt and bring home his missing older brother, Charlie, who is on drugs. Steve is accompanied in this chase by his abusive father, Jang, that only makes matters worse.

American Water Tears is a simple, and heart-warming tale of coming of age, family-love, and forgiveness. Through this biographical account, martial art Grandmaster Han D. Cho has opened his heart to his readers and revealed the incidents that has defined his beliefs. The story is a sincere and honest narrative about what it means to love your family against all odds and be there for each other through troubles and misfortunes. The book often gives you a feel of a childhood story your grandfather would reminisce to you during a warm winter supper.

American water Tears has many facets to its short narrative. The story alternates between past and present, to give you a candid insight into the lives of Korean people and how it is impacted by decades of war. It also subtly touches the immigrant outlook by recounting us on how individuals are weighed down by a constant feeling of alienation and a pursuit for belonging that often leads to a confused lifestyle. The story also weaves in the times of drug era in America that wrecked many of the generation.

Despite such thoughtful issues, there is never a dull moment in the book. There are moments of action, where you get a visually rich description of martial art defense techniques and the presence of mind it demands. You will be gripped and involved in the Lee family’s chaos with curiosity, anger, smiles, and moments when your eyes well up with your own tears. The book is filled with emotions, and by the turn of last page, it would want you to rush to your phone and ring your family.

Go ahead and pick it up as your Sunday afternoon reading routine.

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Author Han D. Cho
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 153 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2016-06-28
ISBN 0978153471759 Buy this Book
Issue October 2016
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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