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David Hollander’s Anthropica is a collection of stories between characters that intertwine with each other in unusual ways. The word Anthropica that Hollander uses is from the word anthropic, which means: relating to human beings or the period of their existence on earth; the Anthropic Principle sums up the premise of Anthropica. Included in this book are characters such as novelists, philosophical thinkers, robots, mole-people, and Ultimate-frisbee players. Each of these characters develops higher thinking throughout the story and seeks to discover the truth of our existence.

Honestly, I was confused during much of the story. The audience should be mature adults who enjoy and are familiar with the style of writing from Hollander. I didn’t appreciate the continuous use of foul language and sexual dialogue included in nearly every character’s story; I understand that this is a style of writing that is familiar and normal to some readers, but not for me. There are many references to God and religion throughout the story; it was unclear to me whether the characters (the author) were for or against Him. I felt the text was wordy, but I understand that for readers who appreciate descriptions and detail, they will enjoy this book.

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Author David Hollander
Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count 493 pages
Publisher Animal Riot Press
Publish Date 2020-05-01
ISBN 9781950122028
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Issue August 2020
Category Modern Literature


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