Back to myself:Or my way towards happiness

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Anna Iourenkova’s book, Back to Myself or My Way Towards Happiness, thoughtfully reflects on many stages of life through heartfelt, discerning verse. Iourenkova’s introduction lays the foundation by describing the subsequent text as a self-reflective guide to inspire the reader to embrace his or her own path. She covers temporal topics, like career paths, the turbulence of love, and perceptions of femininity, as well as more consecrated subjects, such as nature, spirituality, and the human soul. Her passages flow with vitality across the pages, encouraging and comforting the reader. Iourenkova’s poems reinterpret difficult periods of a person’s life, including depression and the dissolution of relationships, to inspire and comfort readers. By no longer perceiving these stages of life as failures or shortcomings, a reader can now comprehend these experiences as brief, influential stretches meant to grow the individual.

The poems of Back to Myself or My Way Towards Happiness tenderly describe Iourenkova’s experiences to reassure the reader that everyone goes through difficult moments and must chose how to handle those situations. For Iourenkova, a healthy relationship with oneself prevails as the key solution; however, throughout the book, she encourages the reader to identify his or her own path to satisfaction. Through embellished metaphors, pastoral analogies, and relatable trials, Iourenkova invites the reader to seek his or her own gratification in order to achieve individual peace of mind. Her words will resonate with younger readers early in adulthood, as well as older readers taking stock of life. With several of the poems translated from French or Russian, Iourenkova develops a body of work that seems to transcend the expectations and limitations of gender, nationality, and office.

Earning a 4 star rating, Iourenkova’s Back to Myself or My Way Towards Happiness will leave readers with a sense of understanding and fulfillment through enduring ornate descriptions and stunning imagery that dance harmoniously across one’s mind.

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Author Anna Iourenkova
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 234 pages
Publish Date 25-Nov-15
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue April 2016
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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