Battery Life

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Diane 317 knew something was terribly wrong with her peaceful home. The tremors aboard the Cradle, a space station orbiting a post-apocalyptic Earth, were worsening. When Diane’s home began plummeting to Earth, she sought safety in an escape pod. The devastation of the crashed fortress was a potential gold mine to junkies, the wasteland scavengers. Virgil, a seasoned veteran of the Junkyard, found Diane’s crashed pod while hunting for a payday. Using cybernetic armor, Virgil saves and traps Diane in the Grave Walker, a battle-tech armor suit, to help her survive. With the orphaned space teenager in tow, Virgil sets out to save his home and possibly what is left of humanity.

Battery Life is a cyberpunk adventure tale by Brennan Gilpatrick and Gregory Lang. This high-adrenaline action novel is a fun and fast read. Gilpatrick and Lang have created badass badlands that could rival any setting of destruction and mayhem. The story can be clichéd at times, curmudgeon rescues vulnerable youth, and they have to learn from and rely on each for survival. But never with so much chaos, mutants, and high-tech weaponry. Gilpatrick and Lang’s anti-social, larger-than-life characters add to this futuristic epic. Join Diane and Virgil as they battle the Junkyard in Battery Life.

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Author Brennan Gilpatrick, Gregory Lang
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 426 pages
Publisher Blackstone Publishing
Publish Date 30-May-2023
ISBN 9798200813339 Buy this Book
Issue June 2023
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy