Be a Tree!

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Learn about the near-endless similarities that exist between trees and humans. They both prosper from strong root systems or foundations to hold them in place. They’re held upright by their spines and protected by their outer layers, whether bark or skin. Nutrients are absorbed into their systems, allowing growth to take place. Sun and air provide life-giving energy to both, and like humans, trees share resources and space, communicate through complex networks, and reproduce to propel the cycle of life forward, creating a world of togetherness and continuation.

This is a masterful book, intricately woven together with symbolism, figurative language, and facts. It’s an educator’s dream for teaching lessons to young children on similes, personification, and other such literary devises. It’s also a great resource for teaching children about ecosystems, interdependence within species, community, and ecological awareness. It’s appropriate for youth aged five to ten, but those on the older end will better understand the deeper meaning embedded within it. The illustrations throughout are gorgeous and are defined by their ornate detail and colorful design. They add immeasurably to the text, making this an unquestionably treasurable pick.

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Author Maria Gianferrari
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Harry N. Abrams
Publish Date 30-Mar-2021
ISBN 9781419744228 Buy this Book
Issue June 2021
Category Children's