Beauty and the Feast

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The Beauty and the Feast by J.R. Barret is a highly entertaining romance. It’s hot, sexy, and funny sweet. This was the first novel I have read by this talented author. The characters were fun to read about and follow along with as the plot developed. Readers will be enticed with this title from the first page. Food, culture, and amazing travel, readers will get to taste and view when reading this brilliant novel. I found myself completely lost as I read this story. It was like I was right there watching and engaging in the exciting scenes around me. The smells were so vivid that I found myself almost tasting the delicious meals prepared by the main character. She is beautiful, smart, and fun.

J.R Barret’s novel is steady paced and well-written. Once readers open it up to read it won’t be put down until they read the last page. Inside The Beauty and the Feast, readers are taken into a kitchen where we find our main character cooking and then being hosed down by a horny teenage boy. A horny teenage boy that she has to babysit for her boss. He takes great pleasure in soaking her shirts until they are transparent . . . then leaves grinning like a Chesire Cat of Wonderland. Readers will be intrigued by Eva whose cooking skills will make anyone’s mouth water . . . especially that of a hot sexy man who heats up her dreams. Gabe is soon led to Eva and unlike most romantic relationships; this woman has a lot more than looks to attract a red-blooded male. But what fate holds in store for them both is one readers must find out on their own. I absolutely loved reading this title—the cover and name of the book fit in perfectly with the story and its characters. Spicy, sensual, and masterfully woven, The Beauty and the Feast, is definitely a must read for all.

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Author J.R. Barrett
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 217 pages
Publisher Heidi Barr
Publish Date 10-Apr-12
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue April 2016
Category Romance


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