Bold The Birth Of Fine Art

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Poetry is always an interesting category of book to read and review. It’s a catch-all category for something that’s so varied as to be not related from one author to another, yet regardless of subject or style, it’s all still called “poetry.” Bold The Birth Of Fine Art is a good example of how hard it is to pigeonhole something that is “poetry” alongside other, more standard types, of poetry. And author Mbuta Celly is an African native, bringing in a cultural difference to American poetic styles. Relying on a free-form of poetry that almost reflects his stream of thoughts, Mbuta allows the reader to enter his world.

Some of the poems in BOLD are between an elder and disciple, passing on the lessons of age and experience to a generation that feels they can do it on their own without guidance, but it is that generation with experience who recognizes that every younger generation wants to make their own path, yet always ends up finding themselves needing the same learning experience already done by the previous. So, it is the responsibility of each subsequent generation to provide guidance in forms that will be discovered and appreciated at the right time and place for the next. BOLD is part of that tradition, a signpost of our values, our virtues and the world we want them to inherit from us. The question, as is often with poetry, is will the right reader find it at the time they need it? If so, BOLD will be a touchstone they can enjoy, share, and revisit as they need.

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Author Mbuta Luyinduladio Celly
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 262 pages
Publisher Tate Publishing
Publish Date 2016-07-12
ISBN 9781683198246
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Issue December 2016
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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