Carpenter’s Helper

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Renata’s Papi is a carpenter, and Renata becomes his helper when they remodel their bathroom. Renata enjoys their project, which includes a new tub for bubble baths and a new window. One warm, spring night, Papi leaves the hole for the window uncovered, and two wrens decide the unfinished bathroom is the perfect place for their nest. The next morning, Renata discovers the nest and hears one wren’s cheerful song. With the remodel on hold for the nesting pair, Renata becomes their keen observer, and, when the nestlings run into a bit of trouble, Renata becomes their clever helper, too.

This is a sweet story of a little girl helping her father remodel their home. At the same time, another set of parents, albeit feathered, construct their nest and raise their family. At first, Renata wants the birds to live forever in the family’s unfinished bathroom, but in the end, she helps the fledglings at a critical moment and watches as the family flies away. The parallels between the two families are subtle but beautifully conveyed. Rosen and Garoche have created a heartwarming book.

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Author Sybil Rosen
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Penguin Random House
Publish Date 16-Mar-2021
ISBN 9780593123201 Buy this Book
Issue May 2021
Category Children's