Children of the Forest

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There is a family of tiny people who live in the forest. The children wear mushroom caps as their hats so if they feel threatened, they can easily hide on the forest floor and won’t be discovered. They play with squirrels and even ride on a bat, but some things are very dangerous. Their father has to fight off a scary snake. And when the children poke around an ant nest, they are stung badly. The family all works hard together to put away the food they will need to get them through the winter. The children even pick cotton grass so their mother can spin it for weaving and knitting. They attend school with animals and play in the snow in the winter.||This s a very old-fashioned picture storybook with much text. Today’s children might find it hard to sit through so much text, but the gorgeous illustrations and charming imagination in the story may well be enough to keep them in their seats. Parents and grandparents who read to them will be transported to a different time and will delight in this sweet book and share this piece of their childhoods.

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Author Elsa Beskow
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Floris Books
Publish Date 04-Apr-2023
ISBN 9781782508021 Buy this Book
Issue June 2023
Category Children's