China Girl (Intel 1, Book 6)

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China Girl: Intel 1, Book 6 by Erec Stebbins is a fascinating, action-packed adventure from beginning to end. Stebbins weaves an intricate, multi-faceted tale that showcases sharp commentary on the modern political climate within and involving the United States of America. Before the book begins, Stebbins includes a disclaimer to inform readers of the mature content of the material, which states “this novel contains depictions and references to events and ideas that some will find disturbing, possibly including, but not limited to, battery, assault, murder, imprisonment, captivity, severe illness, pain, fear, medical procedures, torture, and war.” The disclaimer goes on to outline additional cautions to potential readers and accurately prepares readers for the intense subject matter Stebbins covers. The work is graphic, coarse, and confrontational, in an unadulterated way that is refreshing and thirst-quenching. With that said, Stebbins’ work is an exceptional assessment and consideration of current events within and around the United States. Stebbins explores the dangerous ramifications of persecution and marginalization through a wide variety of well-rounded, thought-provoking characters. From President Suite’s policies regarding naturalization and citizenship to his call “to make America safe again,” readers will quickly identify the significance of his character, as well as many others. Beyond politics, China Girl spotlights and explores the complex experiences and interactions of several marginalized populations, from immigrants and religious pariahs to people of color and members of the LGTBQ community. From Sara Houston’s complex relationships with Francisco Lopez and Angel Lightfoote to the discussion of hate crimes and the bombing of a mosque in New York City, Stebbins interlaces a fascinating narration that covers so many key topics effortlessly. Stebbins’s genuine characters provide a depth that is all too often lacking when authors speak to the community instead of conveying the community’s honest, diverse sentiments and encounters. Stebbins does an excellent job of addressing difficult, controversial topics directly and authoritatively. Given the powerful subject matter and strong language, Stebbins’ book will be most appreciated by mature readers who will welcome and recognize the author’s interpretations. Moreover, those with their finger on the pulse of international politics will value Stebbins’s review and handling of controversial, and at times, provoking themes. This work will have every reader taking a step back to consider the far-reaching implications of our current political, cultural, and national climate. Erec Stebbins’s China Girl: Intel 1, Book 6 is a 5-star book that will leave readers eager to explore more of Stebbins’s publications.

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Author Erec Stebbins
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 402 pages
Publisher Twice Pi Press
Publish Date 2019-12-08
ISBN 9781942360599
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Issue November 2019
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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