Cobble Hill: A Novel

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Cecily von Ziegesar is back! And this time instead of lavishing us with the Upper East Side’s elite, she takes us to the affluent Brooklyn neighborhood of Cobble Hill. Less glamorous than the crew in Gossip Girl, the novel takes us through the more realistic, but still exhilarating, dramas of four intertwining families.

Mandy is bored with her life and can’t seem to get out of bed; her husband, a retired famous musician, thinks she is suffering from an illness and is also distracted by their son’s school nurse.

Peaches gave up her dreams of being a famous musician to be a mom and school nurse. She can barely control herself when she finds out Stuart Little of the Blind Mice is a parent at her school.

Roy Clarke and his family recently moved to the neighborhood from London. He is a famous novelist who hasn’t written a book in six years and his wife hopes the move will inspire him.

Tupper is a shy inventor who sometimes lives with his avant-garde artist wife, Elizabeth. She frequently comes and goes from their home, leaving art displays to announce her arrivals and departures and leaving Tupper in a near-constant state of anxiety.

New York City may be a metropolis but Cobble Hill is just like any small town with quirky neighbors, karaoke nights, and the occasional disaster.

This book is a quick, fun read. It is full of the drama and sophistication that you expect from NYC with a side of Brooklyn quirkiness. Cobble Hill is perfect for those who love the Gossip Girl series but are looking for something a little more grown-up.

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Author Cecily von Ziegesar
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Atria Books
Publish Date 2020-Nov-10
ISBN 9781982147037
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Issue December 2020
Category Popular Fiction


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