Combat To College

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Combat to College is the perfect advice for military veterans who are looking to go back to school. Fueled by personal experiences, Army Staff Sergeant John H. Davis gives some really great advice about what to do and what not to do when you are a veteran trying to go back to school amongst civilians.

From teachers telling him to speak more professionally (what do you mean? Oh, stop using the “f” word in every sentence. Got it.) to how to build your life resume, Davis has tips and tricks that not everyone would think of. Giving his readers stories of embarrassment and the lessons he has learned from those instances, Davis is not afraid to tell us about his share of disappointments. It is through those disappointments that this book was born. Silver linings are great, aren’t they?

Applying what he learned in the military to what he needed to figure out in his current life, Davis put together the pieces of the puzzle to succeed in post-military life. He mentions that one of the differences between veterans and most of American society is having grit. I one hundred percent agree with this. He noticed he had “resilience, work ethic, and mental toughness” unlike many people out there. Being mentally strong is something that has seemed to disappear in American society, and that is something the military teaches. Davis teaches that constantly evaluating oneself, pushing to the limits, and reaching outside of your comfort zone is where the success lies.

Other tips that I really enjoyed in this book are that having friends who have similar interests will keep your head where it should be, sometimes agreeing with your liberal professor will get you further than telling them what you really think (a good one that no one else really has the balls to tell you), joining clubs in college that adhere to the same values and learnings as your major always looks good on your resume, and reaching up and reaching down (mentor and be mentored).

This book, although short and to the point, is packed with extremely useful information. Davis’ creativity and ingenuity shine through in Combat to College, and I feel that it is a book not only for veterans (even though that is whom it is niched to) but also for the average American. His “suck it up buttercup” attitude will truly be enjoyed by people who have any amount of grit whatsoever. Thanks, Staff Sergeant Davis, to you and your fellow soldiers past, present, and future, for your service to our country.

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Author John H Davis
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 150 pages
Publisher John H Davis
Publish Date 2020-03-13
ISBN 0009780578663
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Issue June 2020
Category Self-Help


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