Crowning Glory — An Experiment in Self-Discovery Through Disguise

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Stacy has had an unhealthy obsession with her own locks since middle school, when a careless remark brought unwanted attention to her hair’s deficiencies. Add to this the issues she’s had with men and relationships, and going out in general, and she’s had a lot to handle.

On a whim, she purchases a long, red wig, and notices not only the way people respond to her but also changes in her behavior. These events lead her to do an experiment using the same wig in various natural hair colors. In addition to doing important fashion research, it keeps her busy and focused for several weeks, perhaps stopping her critical evaluation of herself and her unpredictable states of psychosis.

She finds an assistant to help with observing and tabulating information, and sets up the experiment. She will wear basic black, tailored for various locations, in New York City, so the focus stays on the hair color. The last week, her control week, will be her natural hair, in the same clothing and the same general places. Her observations from each hair color – red, black, blond, and brown – include her honest take on her personality changes as she dons the locks about the city. She incorporates her assistant’s notes and includes related events that happen outside the experiment’s parameters.

Her honest recap of events sometimes borders on too much information, but helps to show her personal growth throughout the experiment. Her quick, witty self-evaluation during various phases of her experiment bring humor and lightness to something that could have been dry and boring, but is instead engaging and intellectually stimulating. Photographs that coordinate with each chapter help to bring visual interest. Even though the experiment did not strictly follow the accepted scientific research method, those reading this out of pure personal interest may find themselves agreeing with her findings and wondering about the role of hair color in society.

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Stacy Harshman
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276 pages
Andarina Publishing
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April 2016
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Andarina Publishing


April 2016



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Stacy Harshman

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276 pages

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“Crowning Glory — An Experiment in Self-Discovery Through Disguise”

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