Cycles of Intuition

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A son gains valuable insight that sparks change in the way he relates to his customers and runs his business in this parable-of-sorts for businesses.

Steve returns home to help with the family business – a small service shop. Being a young business school graduate, Steve is filled with fresh ideas, and expects to take the lead in the business, but is frustrated when his father (“Dad”) delegates him to the same tasks he did when he helped as a high school student. By asking questions and offering suggestions, listening to Dad and collaborating on ideas, Steve learns some lessons not based on his new information, but on Dad’s traditional values, and hones his business skills.

Author I. Kostika, a business consultant and educator, successfully segues from his introduction and premise about why service providers don’t provide high customer service to Steve’s story and lessons. Kostika delivers his narrative with a meditative tone that is suitable for a parable, and conveys the methodical process by which Dad imparts his lessons, and Steve considers, absorbs and implements to drive customer service and make for a successful business. Clear language, metaphors and examples of actions used for sample businesses, such as restaurants and hair salons, emphasize concepts such as fragmented service cycles, developing the ability to see the customer behind each and every one of the tools they service and “buy” versus “bye” customers. Though simple, the stick figure drawings and handwritten checklists and charts – add a clear visual aid that breaks down and summarizes the concepts offered such as professionals racing to the finish line of the “miserable performance race.” Cycles of Intuition offers a timely message about the importance of valuing customers and relationships in today’s fast-paced business world.

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Author I. Kostika
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 278 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 10-Jun-15
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Issue October 2015
Category Business & Investing


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