Dasher and The Sleigh-Train

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It’s getting close to Christmas, and Santa is worried that he won’t have enough room on his sleigh to carry all the presents that the children have asked for. Santa talks to Mrs. Clause about it, but then he hears that Dasher is not feeling well. Santa is very attached to his reindeer, so it’s quite sad that Dasher won’t be able to make it on the Christmas trip that year. Dasher, on the other hand, isn’t too upset about it because he’s feeling crummy and needs to rest.

Without Dasher, Santa must think of a new plan, quick. He comes up with the idea of using a train to transport the toys, but the elves are quick to veto that idea. Unfortunately for them, they have forgotten who the boss is. Santa gets his way with the help of some magic dust. The reindeer think that the fun is just for Santa and the elves, but Santa, being the nice man that he is, has them join him on the trip. When they’ve finished, they all make it back to Dasher, who is still resting, and tell him that they had a great time but missed him all the same.

Dasher and the Sleigh-Train is a cute children’s Christmas book, although it could be read at any time of the year. The story is well-plotted, with a storyline that can be understood by readers of all ages. I would question the use of the term “infirmary” in a children’s book, as I know many young children who would not know what that word means. The illustrations in the book are bright and colorful, especially with the red and green Christmas colors being prominent; however, I wonder if kids would notice or care that on one of the pages, Santa has six fingers. Other than the rogue finger, there are no noticeable mistakes in the story.

The length of the story is just right for a children’s book. I believe it helps to keep a child’s attention when the length is just right. In the story, Dasher gets sick and has to “quarantine” himself from the rest of the reindeer while they go out, which is relevant to the events of today that are affecting kids and adults alike. An argument could be made that Shelley made Santa out to be an optimist and a problem solver, the elves to be pessimists who are then followers, and the reindeer to be poor problem solvers with the mentality of children. However you want to interpret it, though, the story will still read as a cute children’s Christmas story that can be enjoyed by all.

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Author E. Dorinda Shelley
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 30 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet
Publish Date 2020-07-28
ISBN 0000101620202
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Issue October 2020
Category Children's


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