DC Comics novels – Batman: The Court of Owls: An Original Prose Novel by Greg Cox

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Of all the criminal organizations and dangerous foes the Dark Knight has encountered in Gotham, none have been more sinister and resourceful than the Court of Owls, a clandestine group that has controlled the city behind the scenes for centuries. And although Batman has chased them back into the shadows once, even he is reluctant to face them again. But when the fiery murder of a college professor points toward the Court, Batman prepares to go to war with the Court’s nigh-invincible assassins once more. Both an innocent life and the fate of the world hang in the balance.

The Court of Owls is a standalone novel that picks up where the comic books left off, utilizing one of the best modern additions to the Batman mythos. (Thankfully, Cox manages to fill in a lot of details that non-comic readers need without feeling too exposition-heavy.)

No matter what your favorite flavor of Batman is, though, Cox has you covered here. Do you like thrilling fight scenes? You’re covered. Elaborate investigations that require more brains than brawn? You’re set. You even get a Da Vinci Code-esque hunt for clues in plain sight around the city. Toss in some intriguing references to Batman’s past, and you’ve got a murderer’s row of reasons for any Batfan to pick this one up.

This is Batman storytelling at its finest.

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Author Greg Cox
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher Titan Books
Publish Date 2019-02-19
ISBN 9781785658167
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Issue May 2019
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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