Death Do Us Part

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Death Do Us Part is a collection of ten short stories. Many can be compared to The Twilight Zone and the writings of Alfred Hitchcock, with subtle references to semi-recent works of film. Each story is either filled with suspense, wariness, or action, sure to appeal to a large audience.

In the first story, “Buddies Forever,” a PFC in the Vietnam War wakes up in a hospital with his eyes blindfolded after an explosion in his barracks. The doctors keep calling him by his buddy’s name, but he finds out later that that’s not all he has in common with his friend. In “A Lousy Way to Rye,” a man comes back into consciousness but can’t remember who he is, let alone if he is the good guy or the bad guy. In “As His Excellency Wishes,” a couple is overseas in a foreign city, with the wife working in the education department of the government. When the current leader gets overthrown, the couple will discover what is to become of them. In “The Room,” the reader discovers what the human body is capable of in extreme distress. “Murder on Her Mind” features a housewife who is trying to be persuaded by her best friend that more husbands than not are wife-killers. The wife turns a blind ear, but when things start happening around her, is she so sure that she is correct? “The Herndon Street” introduces aspects of pagan worship and the idea that when you follow pagan traditions in a sacrificial ceremony, you can achieve god-like status. “Time Conscious” features a bedroom clock that allows old Elizabeth a glimpse into the future. “That ASMR Girl” reminds me of the film “The Ring” because an FBI agent is sent to examine the scenes in which two leaders are discovered dead in their seats while watching an “ASMR” video. “Blade of Grass” informs us of the dangers of a leader who endorses socialism in the country: peril runs amok, and it’s up to the few “good” people left to defend what is theirs (by any means necessary) from those who think otherwise. “The Caves of Lonesanne Blu” follows a crippled war hero who has discovered a woman who is sentenced to death because of an outstanding debt accrued by her parents. Is she worth saving?

Personally, I believe all of these stories are worth reading. The stories flow so smoothly, and they each give something to think about that pertains to our own lives today. Short stories are fun to read because they get straight to the point of the story, and still include action, adventure, suspense, etc. Keep an eye out for these authors!

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Author J. L. Salter and Charles A. Salter
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 262 pages
Publisher Dingbat Publishing
Publish Date 2019-12-19
ISBN 0000310202001
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Issue March 2020
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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