Dishonor Thy Father

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Dishonor Thy Father by Mike Robinson and M. J. Richards is a powerful, thrilling book that will capture readers from beginning to end. Together, the two authors have constructed a rousing mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very last page. The well-rounded characters and thought-provoking plot twists bring together an unforgettable narrative saturated with romance, mystery, perseverance, and commitment in the face of complete uncertainty. More than a murder mystery, Robinson and Richards have webbed an intricate tale of the consequences we face when deep sacrifices and dark secrets threaten to unravel everything we hold dear. A murder in a hospital uncovers years of deceit and transgressions of an illicit affair and inappropriate workplace relationships. Upon further inquiry, it is discovered the murder has far broader implications, as one young woman’s desperate attempts to hide from her vengeful family come to the surface. A breeding ground for disease, the hospital provides a graphic backdrop to the story as “a throbbing nexus of life and death, a paradigm that could easily open people, exposing a questionable, even wretched, core.” It is within these walls one evening that Dr. Marika Javid is murdered by a new patient, one carrying deep, ruthless motives. The investigation dives deep into the secrets and private lives of the doctor’s competitors, colleagues, lovers, and complicated pursuers to track down her assailant. Everyone on the list of suspects has a motive, but enough to kill? Detective Tucci cannot rest until the truth is discovered. Through twists and turns, he remains dedicated to the answers, regardless of the paths it leads down. In the midst of the investigation, romance and lust flair, one often standing in for the other. Through the haze of passion, he will discover what really happened to Dr. Javid. Could his new love interest hold the key to this mystery, or do personal insecurities obscure reality? Robinson and Richard’s work is not overtly graphic; however, the innuendos and descriptions encourage reading by a mature audience capable of appreciating the deeper implications of the relationships. Those that take a chance on this book will thoroughly enjoy the elaborate tale Robinson and Richards weave. Dishonor Thy Father is an exceptional read that undoubtedly earns five stars for its originality and command of language. The story is entertaining, the characters are refreshing, and the words stylishly bring the whole picture together. The consequences of one individual’s actions have returned for retribution, and only time will tell who will pay the bill.

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Author Mike Robinson & M.J. Richards
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 299 pages
Publisher Potpourri Books
Publish Date 9/8/2020
ISBN 9780998510422
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Issue September 2020
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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