Echoes Across Time

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Echoes Across Time by Carmen Monica Oprea was a feel-good, nostalgic, holiday book about a woman named Sophie. Between being recently laid off from her job at a marketing firm and being dumped by her long-time boyfriend, to say Sophie has had a rough few months is an understatement. Then, to make matters worse, her grandmother, Dolores, unexpectedly passes away.

Having planned to spend Christmas with her, Sophie is absolutely devastated. Having had a very special bond with Dolores, she cannot believe that she will never again have the opportunity to hug, laugh, cry, or visit her beloved grandma ever again. Alone on Christmas Eve, this tragic story spills out in tears to her cab driver Armando who reassures her that she is not alone and offers comforting words of cheer that this Christmas can still be special.

Armando drops Sophie off at the Red Couch Inn, with plans for Sophie’s parents to hopefully make a flight there the next day. Fortunately, the inn’s owner is already aware of her dire situation and does her best to make her feel right at home. Settling in for the evening with a hot bath and promises for a Christmas morning brunch, Sophie wistfully hopes that this day will be less disastrous than it feels. That is until the electricity goes out.

Running from her room to join the others outside by the blazing fire, she wanders away to look at the stars, recalling her grandmother’s stories when she suddenly slips and hits her head hard on the pavement. Waking up disoriented, Sophie cannot find the Red Couch Inn and proceeds to wander in the blizzard before her in an attempt to find her way. Then, something peculiar happens and before Sophie knows it, nothing is as it seems anymore.

I thought Echoes Across Time was a lovely read. Truly reminiscent of a Hallmark movie, I loved the way Oprea was able to take a heavy topic like grief and transform it into a magical, Christmas miracle. Her intense imagery and attention to detail really set the scene; I felt like I was transformed into this quaint, picturesque town alongside Sophie experiencing her moments of awe and surprise.

Finally, I really enjoyed how this book covered the story of not just Sophie but Dolores. It helped capture why Sophie had such a strong relationship with her grandma, and how their love could transform and even change the course of time. Overall, I would recommend this book to women looking to read holiday fiction, and those who may be experiencing grief around this time of the year.

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Author Carmen Monica Oprea
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 152 pages
Publisher Self-published
Publish Date 23-Dec-2023
ISBN 1397988574808 Buy this Book
Issue December 2023
Category Seasonal