Einstein’s Last Message

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Einstein’s Last Message by Rod O’Connor is a timely piece that expands on Albert Einstein’s final efforts to encourage a more peaceful and thoughtful society. By discussing how we interpret our world, people, self, and the notion of right and wrong, O’Connor seeks to remind readers how we can elevate our thinking and in the process improve our surroundings. In developing our understanding of the world, we stand to foster new ideas and question accepted doctrine. By advancing our perception of people, we will learn to form our own views independent of gut-feelings and biased perspectives. Through improved study of self, we can face all values and outcomes, regardless of our preferences, and seek the best path for generations. The final piece to the puzzle involves upgrading our sense of right and wrong. By cultivating empathy and dynamically promoting values that treasure and preserve nature we can better care for one another. We have the power and ability to eliminate a number of issues that plague our worlds on micro and macro levels. However, this requires all participants to reject selfishness, greed and apathy to achieve cultural, social, and divine transcendence. O’Connor makes the case that we, individually and collectively, must shift our thinking to avoid continued harm to creatures and beings within our ecosystems. The author ultimately makes the compelling argument that “Currently, we are homocentric. Our view of nature considers only human needs, and largely excludes wild plants and animals…to protect the whole of the living world, we must enlarge our vision.” We can and do need to do more. This begins by raising our moral values and shifting the way we rationalize. In doing so, we become the “Questioning World Thinker,” “Inquiring Mind Reader,” “Thorough Time Traveler,” and “Informed Sage” that our worlds need. O’Connor’s theories are complex but he conveys the information in simple terms that many readers would comprehend and appreciate. He makes the path forward clear and accessible. With that said, an adolescent audience should discuss these concepts with an adult to fully grasp O’Connor’s meaning and intention. Novice and seasoned booklovers should consider reading O’Connor’s book in partnership with group or one-on-one discussions as his work lends itself to continued dialogue and deliberation. Einstein’s Last Message is an eloquent, captivating composition that will expand and challenge the mind of readers. O’Connor has constructed an informative narrative that pushes each of us to reach beyond our boundaries and achieve higher forms of ourselves.

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Author Dr. Rod O'Connor
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 145 pages
Publish Date 2020-Aug-12
ISBN 9780648815211
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Issue December 2020
Category Science & Nature


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