Ella’s Night Lights

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Ella, just a tiny, delicately winged, young girl, wishes desperately she could see the sunrise. Her fragile wings can’t withstand the bright light. So, she flutters about in the darkness, collecting light from the twinkling stars and from reflections of the moon. She shares her light with anyone who has lost their way in the dimness of the night like the fox who is cold and lonely and the owl who is huddling in a nearby tree, frightened and alone. In return, they protect her from the luminescence of the coming dawn, making sure she reaches home before its arrival. As a gift for her kindness, they construct a tent of darkness around her home, enabling her to watch her first sunrise.

This is a precious story about hope and dreams, caring and friendship. Ella’s size is no mistake; her daintiness allows her to blend in perfectly with her animal friends. She’s a creation of brilliance – a unique little girl with brittle wings that allow her to fly but not be exposed to the sun’s damaging rays. Children will find her enduring and otherworldly. They’ll join in her sadness when the morning sun takes her fun away and rejoice in her excitement when her dream turns into reality. Additionally, youth will love the brilliantly crafted illustrations that bring the tale to life. The gorgeous hues and vivid details will allure them. This will likely be a favorite for many.

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Author Lucy Fleming
Star Count 5/5
Format Hardcover Picture Book
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 2020-Nov-24
ISBN 9781536212693
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Issue February 2021
Category Children's


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