Ellie in Concert

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Ellie walks through the zoo and discovers her giraffe friend, Lucy, can’t sleep because of all the loud, disconcerting animal noises. The zookeeper and Ellie try to soothe the tired giraffe, but nothing works. Ellie even asks the other zoo animals to quiet down, but that doesn’t work either. As she strolls by Betty Bluebird’s nest, she hears a lullaby and that gives Ellie an idea!

She gathers the animals and tries to get them to make a tune like Betty’s, but their GRUNTs and OOH-OOHs and SNORTs don’t work, either. She finally visits her friend, the wise Gerard Gorilla, where she discovers another idea that just might work.

Ellie in Concern is a book about helping others, friendship, creativity, and music. The story has two strong themes: “persistence pays off” and “working with others versus against them.” The story helps children become aware of sounds around them and sounds that they make that might be distracting to others. Betty Bluebird’s song is provided for those musically inclined.

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Author Mike Wu • Mike Wu, Illustrator
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Disney-Hyperion
Publish Date 2017-Apr-04
ISBN 9781484712382
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Issue April 2017
Category Children's


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