Epic Sloth: Tales of the Long Crawl

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Loved this book! In Epic Sloth Tales of the Long Crawl, the author Philip Gaber did an excellent job of sharing his personal experiences and insights on life through lively poems, short stories and essays.
I would highly recommend Philip Gaber’s current book. It is an excellent read because there are many ways in which the reader will be able relate to Mr. Gaber’s main point of his work. The main point of this book: even when we are worn out, tired, exhausted, high, drunk, out of money or just feeling completely lost, continue to strive for that finish line.

As I was reading Epic Sloth Tales of the Long Crawl, I often thought to myself that there are a lot of truths laid out in the many pieces in this book. Even before I finished reading the book, I went back and would re-read some of the sections. While it was very hard for me to narrow down which works in this book I liked the best, a few of the short stories and essays really stood out for me. I found myself pondering and genuinely enjoying “It Was a Rare Moment When I Had Almost Everything I Wanted,” “Her Sacred Atonal Life,” and “Without a Light of Doubt.”

Regardless of your own personal journey in life, you will be able to relate to either one of the poems, short stories, or essays in this book. In addition to being a great book to read, Philip Gaber’s work is very human and down to earth.

The different pieces in Epic Sloth Tales of the Long Crawl are creatively written, and at times, will cause you to laugh. You might even catch yourself reading passages aloud to friends, as I did.

This book received a well-deserved five stars. Pick up a copy of Epic Sloth Tales of the Long Crawl. You won’t be disappointed with Mr. Gaber’s work.

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Author Philip Gaber
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher Philip Gaber
Publish Date 6-Jun-15
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Issue August 2015
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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