Foreign Teachers

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“The teacher that fails to give their classroom an excellent appearance will face serious consequences.” Andy Dutton and Danny Cole are unqualified Western English teachers in China who try to keep their lack of qualification a secret and continue earning their attractive salaries as teachers. However, they are afraid of losing their jobs as the school they teach at is obsessed with attaining a reputation of being one of the top schools in the world. The problem with this is that teachers are pressured to fake their outcomes instead of improving their performances. Enters Glenn Whitman: “the poster boy for the new and improved Luxury Gardens International School.” Glenn is not a fan of the fake image the school portrays. He wants to expose the school’s shortcomings instead. However, he has some secrets himself. How will things turn out for the secretive Western teachers in China?

Foreign Teachers is as expository as it is hilarious and brutal. It is best for readers who are not easily offended as the humor is linked to some sensitive topics: politics and criticism of the Chinese government, sex work, deceit, and more. The culturally rich book depicts the daily activities of three western teachers in China and their perceptive views about what they experience, including the preferential treatment towards foreigners and their involvements with the local girls and the Chinese government. Sam Wade creates humor with serious topics using funny characters and relatable problems, including job security, trust issues regarding love and money, and the pressure to look successful.

I enjoyed reading about different cultural practices and foods, like the “translucent dumplings filled with shrimp and juice” and “the tarts with egg custard filling”. The vivid descriptions of the characters’ experiences had my mouth watering for new foods and adventures in foreign countries. Additionally, Foreign Teachers taught me several new things, including some educational concepts like concept-based learning and the problems with education.

The short book packs an impressive amount of engaging themes. The rivalry between the teachers was an interesting phenomenon to follow. Additionally, Andy is a lover boy who tries to find love but suspects he’s being swindled when his lover begins to ask for money. Glenn’s temper with the Chinese is quite comical, especially when the other foreign teachers try to caution him so he doesn’t get them all in trouble.

Readers who love comical books about concerning concepts would enjoy Foreign Teachers. It’s the type of book that gets you laughing at its sheer silliness—sort of like dad jokes or sitcoms. Sam Wades’s book will go down well with a chilled drink at the beach on a cheerful, carefree day.

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Author Sam Wade
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 112 pages
Publisher Self-published
Publish Date 21-May-2021
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Issue September 2021
Category Modern Literature