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There’s a sickness spreading across the land, a magic sickness that leaves none who catches it alive. Rora is a shapeshifter and informant for the king, keeping track of all who get sick and searching for answers. But when her best friend, and the king’s youngest son, grows ill, she does the one thing she never wanted to again. She returns to the forest where she was born, where the source of all magic is. It’s up to her, her brother, and the oldest prince to find a cure, all the while the threat of war hangs over their head.

It’s hard to say whether or not I enjoyed this book. On the one hand, the theme is interesting, the plot and world-building good, and the magic system is done well. On the other hand, the prose grew too flowery at points and the narrator, Rora, seemed to know more than she should at times. The end left me with questions I want to know the answers to, but I’m not sure I want to read the next book.

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Author Elayne Audrey Becker
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Tor
Publish Date 31-Aug-2021
ISBN 9781250752161 Buy this Book
Category Young Adult