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From Three Feet Off the Ground

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In an effort to reconnect with the beauty and joy of life, Havey Smith tried to view the world from the perspective of those who are the best in reveling in pure happiness – children. Here, she chronicles her year of seeking amazement, letting go, being attentive to her inner voice, being present in the moment, and learning to open her heart. Her story is wonderful and offers insights that can benefit everyone.

Her overall goals are similar to those found in many books on spirituality, but she offers a unique spin on things by first describing these goals as actualized by her children. This creates a lot of room for storytelling, and she does a splendid job of making everyday occurrences, like getting the kids ready for a playdate, into humorous tales that are both engaging and poignant. She is also very good at teasing out the profound implications of these moments, gradually shifting a funny story into a deep inner realization. The entire book is a delightful combination of these heartwarming stories and beautifully worded philosophical inquiries. It’s a truly entertaining look at spirituality.

The insights themselves are also fantastic. By explaining how she learned to find amazement by letting it come to her, for example, she also guides the reader toward the same discovery. Though this book is largely personal, it is impossible to read it without feeling inspired, and Havey Smith describes her journey in such detail that her methods are easy to follow. She isn’t giving advice so much as she’s living it, and that is the best way to inspire.

My only complaint with the book is that it focuses so strongly on how this spiritual journey allows her to be a better mother, and I feel like she’s not giving her experience enough credit. The things she strives towards and discovers over the course of the year can help everybody be better at living and loving, and I think a lot of readers would benefit if the book’s language reflected that universality. Still, non-mothers can definitely enjoy and find purpose in this book. From Three Feet off the Ground is fun, inspiring, and brilliant.

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Christie Havey Smith
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166 pages
Emerald Shores Publishing
Publish Date:
July 2015
Spirituality & Inspiration

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Christie Havey Smith



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166 pages




Emerald Shores Publishing


July 2015

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“From Three Feet Off the Ground”

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