Gabriel’s Storm

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A heart-wrenching, heart-breaking, yet heartwarming story about a group of four young men who hold a tight friendship and have secrets only they know about. They will take these secrets with them to the grave. Right out of high school, Gabriel, Achilles, Johnny, and Jared meet up at the local high school, often to smoke cigarettes and drink. Gabriel comes from a broken family, his father having left his mother when he was only eight years old and his older brother Daniel having committed suicide that same year. Achilles is raised by a single mom. Johnny comes from a fairly wealthy family, but the only one who really pays attention to him is the housekeeper, Maria. Jared is into substance abuse and has a hard time controlling himself when it comes to drug and drink. Gabriel is the leader of the group, despite the fact that he has no left hand. One day, Gabriel announces that they are going to kill someone. They are going to kill the man who sexually abused his brother, Daniel, as Gabriel reasons that was what caused Daniel to kill himself when he was only sixteen years old. The friends listen carefully to Gabriel as he devises a plan to lure the old man into what the boys call their “home” and kill him. All Gabriel can think about each day is his brother and how he wishes he were still alive. Then one day, at a party, Gabriel meets Priti. Priti is a beautiful little Hindu girl who is immediately drawn to Gabriel. In fact, they are drawn to one another.

This book was written with chapters that alternate between past and present. I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s style of writing and the way he took the time to describe each character and his or her past in order for the reader to obtain a full grasp of the point of view of each character. The relationships between the boys were each special. For example, Johnny knows that Jared is gay, but it doesn’t seem as if the other boys know this. Johnny treats Jared the same, despite his sexual preference. I also loved the developing relationship between Gabriel and Priti. After learning about their pasts, it is a wonder that they survived Gabriel’s Storm. One of my favorite characters was Leon, Gabriel’s veteran uncle, who treats Gabriel like a son. Their relationship brought tears to my eyes because Leon is the one adult who Gabriel can turn to for help at any time. Leon proves this over and over again in the book.

This book has many details in it and creates a perfect picture of both characters and plot. Gabriel’s Storm is a fantastic read that is easy to follow and fall in love with. I was thinking about the characters long after I finished reading.

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Author Diego Hojraj
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 329 pages
Publisher Outskirts Press
Publish Date
ISBN 9781977212634
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Issue September 2019
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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