The Gates of the Frontier Universe: A Society Called to Arms

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The Gates of the Frontier Universe: A Society Called to Arms by Christopher Villanueva is a beautiful blend of sci-fi and fantasy, a well-crafted story that will arrest the attention of fans of Star Wars and readers looking for an exciting and entertaining read. The Frontier Universe that holds the balance of modern society is under threat from a vicious and powerful psychic warrior with great and surprising skills and it seems like nothing can stop him. There is a team of warriors from a noble tradition who seek to connect with powers from ancient artifacts and they believe that these artifacts can help them to protect their world and defeat their most deadly enemy. Will they be able to locate these artifacts and will they have the time to find them before they are overrun by the deadly foe?

Christopher Villanueva has created an interesting tale that is as engaging as it is entertaining. With a cast of compelling characters and plot-driven conflict, the author writes with confidence. The plot is laced with intense action and the careful use of sub-plots makes the story even more interesting — a seasoned warrior seeking to reconnect with his son, a child who finds it hard to obey the wishes of a parent he loves tenderly, and other minor stories are tools the author weaves into the story to create suspense and sustain the attention of readers. Although the setting is surreal, the characters are highly believable and well-sculpted to evoke powerful emotions in readers. Villanueva comes across as an intelligent writer with a rare gift for plot and it won’t be surprising that he becomes one of the beloved authors for fans of fantasy and science fiction. The Gates of the Frontier Universe: A Society Called to Arms is highly recommended for its fast-driven plot and intense drama.

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Author Christopher Villanueva
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 712 pages
Publisher Christopher Villanueva
Publish Date 18-Dec-2014
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Issue June 2016
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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