Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History

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The Great Siege of Gibraltar, which happened during the latter stages of the American War of Independence, is little known in the United States and is not taught in history classes that cover the Revolution. Roy and Lesley Adkins hope to help change that narrative and show that the Siege of Gibraltar had a major impact on British forces in the colonies and it should be considered one of the main reasons Britain lost; I remain unconvinced. They do a decent job of giving life to the three-year siege fought between France, Spain, and Britain. While this was not the first siege of Gibraltar, it was the longest. Spain joined the war against Britain to gain back Gibraltar and could not get it back.

A couple of things. First, the book would have flowed more smoothly if it was tightened up a bit; I like the idea of quoting from letters, diaries, etc., but the little bios of individual soldiers and asides about how guns work and were made feel a bit off and make it drag. Also, their main point of Gibraltar being a turning point in the Revolutionary War is not convincing.

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Author Roy Adkins • Lesley Adkins
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 480 pages
Publisher Viking
Publish Date 2018-Mar-13
ISBN 9780735221628
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Issue May 2018
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