Handmade: A Hands-On Guide: Make the Things You Use Every Day

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We live in a world where anything one might need is at one’s fingertips. Tap a few keys, put in a credit card number, and anything one wants is delivered to their door. Or one could make something — a chair or a belt or pendant lights or a table top fireplace or a homemade boombox. With this book and a few simple tools and materials, one can make a veritable plethora of useful and kitschy items. There are twenty-two projects in this book, and each is made accessible for anyone with a little persistence and a few tools through a very thorough write up.

After the introduction, there is a supplies list, well-written, clear instructions, and wonderful photographs of the steps needed for assembly and completion. Some projects also include a page with the maker’s story and photo. Some of the projects require more expensive or specialized equipment — such as a vinyl cutter for screen printing or a welder — and include where to find such equipment to use or get at reasonable prices. This book is well-written and laid out as well as inspiring for those without a great deal of experience. Don’t miss this one.

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Author Asa Christiana
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher Taunton Press
Publish Date 2018-Dec-04
ISBN 9781631869341
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Issue February 2019
Category Crafts & Hobbies


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