Happiness In Quantum Leaps: De-Stressing WITHOUT DRUGS!

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Happiness In Quantum Leaps has some wonderful information on how to lead a happy life without the use of pharmaceuticals or other outside material sources. In the book, author Aura McClain breaks the chapters down into three parts including God and Universe, Mind, and Body. In the beginning portion of the book, McClain talks mostly about God and the importance of spirituality. This seems to be the major foundation of the book, even though the author claims that one does not necessarily need to believe in God for the book to help you find happiness. There is also a lot of science in this book. She describes how mental thoughts are not included as a form of energy according to science even though “everything in the universe is made out of invisible energy.” She goes on to explain that scientists have not yet discovered that thoughts are a form of energy, which is why it is not being taught in schools today. The book delves into the mind, body, spirit connection and gives the reader different ways in which to maintain a positive attitude towards everything in life.

Although I really enjoyed the anecdotal stories the author presents in the book, I felt as though she kept repeating herself over and over again with the same stories. For example, the story about how praying and having positive thoughts seemed to have made cancer go away in people she knew. Although I think it definitely would give someone hope, for the author to tell people that by only changing one’s mindset their cancer or other ailments would disappear is a bit misleading and farfetched. The book also has so many Bible verses in it and quotes from other people that I would definitely label it as a religious read. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, I just feel that the book should be labeled for people of faith so they can know what to expect.

Overall, Happiness in Quantum Leaps has many great ideas in it that people can use to lead happier, healthier lives both mentally and physically. I would recommend to the author that the book would be reorganized due to parts of it being redundant and the author rambling on and going off-topic at times. There are also several grammatical errors that need to be corrected. This book could easily be condensed into half the size with the same effect–to help people become happier through self-realization and making positive changes while understanding God, spiritually, and how science fits into the big picture.

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Author Aura D. McClain
Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 286 pages
Publisher Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publish Date 09-Jun-2020
ISBN 978109801574
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Issue January 2021
Category Self-Help


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