Healing by His Spirit

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In Healing by His Spirit, Geraldine Bryant shares her tumultuous, yet inspiring life journey with readers. Her earliest years are relatively happy and stable, and though her father is an alcoholic, her memories of him during her formative years are not marked with negativity, but mostly with love and laughter. Geraldine’s mother is kind, nurturing, and a woman of strong faith. When Geraldine is fourteen, she and her family move in with her grandfather, who recently became blind, resulting in the need for greater family assistance. It is then that her battle with loneliness begins. Countless days are spent in the solitude of her room and in yearning for human companionship. She falls deeply in love with a boy two years her senior and is devastated beyond imagine when their courtship suddenly ends.

On a seemingly normal, hot day in August, Geraldine decides to ride the trolley to her best friend Dee-Dee’s house for a visit. Little does she realize it will be one of the most harrowing days of her young life. After Dee-Dee’s father innocently insists she take a cab home, she slips into the seat next to a man who holds her captive for six horrifying hours. When she’s finally released to the comfort of her home, her sense of self is shattered beyond recognition. She unwittingly becomes the target of this man’s evil threats, the mother of his precious child, and a woman in desperate search of herself. Though she later marries, divorces, and becomes involved in a number of relationships, she never quite finds contentment and stability in her relationships. What she does find, though, through her travels to other lands and a relationship with the Lord she’s always known and trusted, is a life with greater purpose and one of which God is at the center.

Healing by His Spirit is written with some eloquence, though it is generally very easy to understand, making it suitable for those who are not voracious readers and/or scholarly types. It is written for everyday people who take comfort in knowing they are not alone in their struggles. For those who have been victimized in any way, this memoir may be especially appealing and cathartic. They may find a part of themselves in Geraldine’s story and draw hope from its positive and resolute message. Additionally, her unwavering faith and the gracious attitude she exudes despite the travesties she endears may provide them with an example of admirable mention. Conversely, for those seeking a challenging read and a genuinely unique storyline with unexpected twists and turns, this autobiography may not be the right choice. It’s a quick read with short, concise chapters that unfold with predictability. It should be stated with unquestionable clarity that victimization is never warranted or deserved by any human being, though precautions in uncertain circumstances are often wise to take. Along those lines, some readers may be struck by the naivety of the author at times throughout her voyage. It may be attributable, at least partially, to the free and accepting spirit that defines who she is. She remains untainted by the hardships she endures. To some this might be heartening; while to others, it might seem troubling.

The author shares the story of her daughter’s birth and some glimpses into her early years, but so much is left untold. It’s as though this significant part of her life slowly fades out of existence, leaving many questions left unanswered. Does her daughter simply fade into the backdrop of her life? How does she cope with and respond to the array of events that unfold during her teenage years? Does she ever discover how she was ultimately conceived, and if so, how does this impact her? By allowing the reader greater insight into this part of her life, the author could widen the scope and depth of her own story.

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Author Geraldine D. Bryant
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 184 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet LLC
Publish Date 2020-01-07
ISBN 0000042420202
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Issue April 2020
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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