How Things Work: Facts and fun, questions and answers, things to make and do

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How Things Work encourages inquisition throughout with questions like “How was this book made?” or “How [do you] build a house?” strengthening natural pre-adolescent curiosity in the world. The book emphasizes conservationism, such as wearing sweatshirts in place of a heater, reusing or recycling materials, turning off lights or water. Climactic is its proclamation to mimic nature, echoing the reverberating wings of Da Vinci’s “flying machines.”

Globalized names, like Koko or Alex, accompany a refreshing flow of new animating waves of animals (hedgehogs, rabbits, little birds, or squirrels), creatures, or hands intrigued with ramps, seesaw catapults, pulley systems, or various machines in the backdrop of “cog mayhem.” These stunningly detailed diagrams inspire a deepening imaginative mapping for the interrogative architecture of questions.

Roll a pair of die to “Marhaban” in the United Arab Emirates, “Hola” in Spanish, or “Hello” in the United Kingdom; unfortunately, no greeting from Africa or South America supplant the myriad of Eurocentric salutations. Interactive tutorials, however, argue for experimentation with the world in various spheres, such as music or cinema. The book is powerful in its emphasis on practice.

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Author OKIDO
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher Thames & Hudson
Publish Date 14-Apr-2015
ISBN 9780500650448 Buy this Book
Issue June 2016
Category Children's


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