In Twenty Years: A Novel

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In Twenty Years by Allison Winn Scotch is a heartbreaking and heart melting read. A story about a group of friends who lived together during college and became something more like one big family. As with all big families, conflicts arise and emotions are flying high. Many things have happened since those twenty years they were all last together. The death of their best friend Bea leaves them all broken. But when twenty years has gone by they are brought together again for Bea’s sake in the same house where old memories become alive. Wounds cut deep and before they know it…they are tearing each other down for what did happen between them all. Now, the friends will go through a journey that needs to be led and will soon find what they were all needing.

Allison Winn Scotch’s brilliant novel, In Twenty Years, explores the life of college friends whose memories from the past resurface to a boiling point. They reunite for Bea’s birthday. She wrote them all a letter to read when they were all twenty years older. Will Bea’s hope and wish for them all help her now grown-up friends? Or will the past continue to tear them apart? Friendship is important. It’s what ties us all together and keeps us going. Even though the friends were angry, torn, and sad…they somehow make it through everything.

This story has come, to life, for readers in many ways. We all have done something in our younger years that led us to regrets and or wishes that will either break us or make us as adults. We have to find the courage deep within us if we choose to be happy. That’s exactly what this talented writer has demonstrated in her beautifully written novel. For fans of Forty Years, this is a must read for all. I highly recommend this to readers everywhere.

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Author Allison Winn Scotch
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Lake Union Publishing
Publish Date 2016-07-01
ISBN 9781503935242 Buy this Book
Issue July 2016
Category Modern Literature


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