Invisible Differences: A story of Asperger’s, adulting, and living a life in full color

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We are each unique in our own way, but some people react differently to their physical and social setting and so are considered weird or strange. In this compelling and captivating story, the author describes the feelings and responses of a neuroatypical person who is ultrasensitive to random noise, fatigued in the presence of crowds, deaf to social cues, stubbornly honest, resistant to being touched, and displays other behaviors that challenge the expected norms.

With bewilderment she confesses her discomfort with social interactions while she seeks a remedy. As she finds that she is afflicted with a form of autism termed Asperger’s syndrome, she finds avenues to work with the condition and to publicize its prevalence for the unfamiliar public. Brilliantly illustrated, the expressive colors of the drawn pictures reveal raw emotion, with red and blacks denoting the turmoil experienced by this young subject, while the hues change to warmer tints as understanding of the condition develops.

This remarkable, easily read, informative, attractive, and cleverly designed book should be required reading for all neurotypical and neuroatypical individuals to help them better understand behavior along the autism spectrum.

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Author Mademoiselle Caroline and Julie Dachez
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 196 pages
Publisher Oni Press
Publish Date 2020-Oct-20
ISBN 9781620107669
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Issue December 2020
Category Sequential Art


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