It’s a Numbers Game! Baseball

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If you have anyone in the family who is a baseball fan, this is a book you need to check out. It is chock-full of the most fun and interesting facts about Major League Baseball and, to some degree, about baseball in general.

Are you interested in learning what all those funny acronyms, such as OPS and WHIP and BABIP, mean and how they are calculated? This book lays out all the information, including the formula for calculating the terms. Maybe you are interested in who is the best at different positions, at batting, or at pitching all time. What are the best parks for hitters and why? There are sections on the World Series, International Baseball, a little about Softball, and more. If you are looking for stats, look no further. They are here.

The book is filled with bright graphics and a plethora of photos of players, teams, parks, and much more. The writing is lively and conversational. The research is impeccable. There is an excellent glossary at the back. For all the baseball-loving people out there, this wonderful book is going to be a welcome addition to their libraries.

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