Kaijumax Season Two: The Seamy Underbelly

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Energy-eating monster Electrogor has broken out of Kaijumax prison in hopes of reuniting with his children. As he and his fellow super-sized escapee lay low, the past of the warden and several former guards from Kaijumax prison are revealed in the aftermath of Electrogor’s escape. But what will Electrogor find when he returns home?

Zander Cannon’s monster-fueled prison drama returns with The Seamy Underbelly as he expands his kaiju-filled universe with Lovecraftian drug addicts, a new robot monster-fighting team, and all sorts of family drama. Whereas season one was a straight-up prison drama, this feels more like The Wire with monsters, showing us what it takes for megafauna to survive in the human-run real world.

Cannon’s flare for seeding dialogue with all sorts of puns and references to monster movies is in fine form here, even if the narrative feels a little darker and a touch less silly than the first installment. (Even with battle-rapping monsters.)

The Seamy Underbelly does everything a sequel should: it builds on the foundation of the original, enriching the world while answering much-needed questions. I look forward to season three, if only to see what happens to Electrogor and his kids.

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Author Zander Cannon
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher Oni Press
Publish Date 2017-May-09
ISBN 9781620103968
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Issue May 2017
Category Sequential Art


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