Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln’s Bodyguard

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In an alternate America where Lincoln was never killed at Ford’s Theater, Joseph and his ragtag family of survivors hide out in Tennessee. Alongside his beloved, former Pinkerton agent Molly, Joseph’s world consists of the Old Man (Lincoln himself), Lincoln’s illegitimate daughter, and the child of a former enemy. Life has been hard but peaceful. That is, until the sinister Consortium that sought to rule America through Lincoln finds Joseph’s missing daughter and blackmails him to secure their power once more.

Land of Wolves continues the curious alternate history introduced in Lincoln’s Bodyguard, accelerating both the scope of the story and the timeline. A tale that ranges from Washington to New York to the Black Hills of South Dakota, this is 1800s America brought to life, more rough-and-tumble and complicated than you might’ve imagined.

Joseph and Molly once again take center stage here, battling corruption and mean-spirited, cookie-cutter villains. Although there are some fun historical cameos, it doesn’t quite match up to the first edition in the series in that regard.

That being said, Land of Wolves is a story of family, of loyalty, of duty, and of revenge, and it delivers on each of those elements very effectively.

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Author Tj Turner
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 319 pages
Publisher Oceanview Publishing
Publish Date 2017-May-02
ISBN 9781608092024 Buy this Book
Issue August 2017
Category Historical Fiction


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