Las Vegas Turnaround

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Las Vegas Turnaround by Kurt Johnson tells the story of Claire, an escort working and living in the seedier side of Las Vegas. When she is brutally raped and beaten by a “date” she finds herself looking to change her life. Despite her efforts to make a new start, her no-good brother-in-law, Wood, makes life even more complicated, and his greed threatens not only her sanity but the lives of those she is trying to protect.

There are some great characters in this story. Each one is clearly developed and believable. The reader is given an insight into their backgrounds, their relationships, and they are all cleverly woven into the story, which results in an edge-of-the-seat read. The descriptions and setting show a side of Las Vegas that many readers would be unaware of, and the author writes with credibility and clarity. There is graphic content, but this is necessary to the storyline and to the unsavory world from which Claire is trying to escape.

There is a good pace to the book as the reader follows the lives of Claire, her sister, her parents, her landlord, and the despicable brother-in-law. The characters are depicted so well that the reader travels on a roller-coaster of emotions, which is a sign of a good writer. The story is well planned, so there is not too much information to take in and no chance of getting lost with the cast of characters. The writing is very visual and transports the reader to the darker side of a city renowned for bright lights, parties, and fun. Las Vegas Turnaround reveals it is anything but. The reader has great empathy for Claire as she tries to turn her life around and finds the determination to succeed. This is a story that will stir the emotions and leave the reader rooting for Claire and those close to her. This is certainly an author to watch.

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Author Kurt Johnson
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 278 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2017-Mar-01
ISBN 32020170003 Buy this Book
Issue March 2017
Category Historical Fiction


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