Mallast 2 – A Sequel

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The continued saga of a family as it attempts to progress across the expanding American empire. Told lovingly and with care by Author Bob Prevost. The book captures the journey of the author’s own family told from the main vantage point of his great grandfather. It is a captivating story of a family that slowly splintered across America during a turbulent period of our national identity.

It has all the wonderful details and nuance of a great historical epic or a work of creative nonfiction. Yet, it also possesses the kind of quiet longing and wistful nostalgia that any marvelous family drama contains. To say nothing of the revealing cultural and generational gaps a visitor to any strange land will encounter. or the beautifully written thirst of the main character’s personal appraisal of the country, the universal need to make a living, and the steady pull towards a more fulfilling place in the world. Largely based on the family history of the writer, it follows the immigrant clan as they settle in America and attempt to live the American Dream.

The real triumph of the book is that melancholy and bittersweet emotions dominate so effectively. There is the sense that many of the characters are slowly removing the last elements of their past lives, their family connections in order to succeed in this new world, and it leaves a compelling desperation on some of them. As if they are trying in vain to outgrow the old world. The book presents the reader with a flurry of dynamic characters and scenarios told in a charmingly muted fashion.
The tale benefits substantially from its irresistibly authentic execution and  vivid, and engaging protagonists. This is not the standard heartwarming immigrant adventure story or some reenactment of an author’s family lore. The pace of the book is relaxed but confident. The visuals are profoundly engaging and form easily in the reader’s mind. Our author never forces anything, it takes its time to slowly blossom and we as readers enjoy when it does just that with loving care.

The book is a great edition to any library that was clearly a labor of love from its author. Families should read it together because there will be plenty to talk about regardless of how new they are to this country. Certainly far more gripping and spellbinding than one might’ve anticipated. Mallast 2: a Sequel has unquestionably cemented its place as a satisfying labor of love.

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Author Bob Prevost
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 364 pages
Publisher RLP Industries
Publish Date
ISBN 9780984636945 Buy this Book
Issue July 2021
Category Historical Fiction